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AGE 11-16 KEY STAGE  3 AND 4

On behalf of the team we would like to welcome you to
DEBUT STUDIOS is a leading provider for those who wish to learn and be educated in a dynamic, practical and creative environment.
DEBUT STUDIOS is dedicated to developing and supporting the talents and aspirations of those who wish to pursue a career in the Performnig Arts industry. 
Our objective is to ensure all our learners achieve their full potential through a new era of education both academically and vocationally. 
We are passionate about changing the way in which society views education.
Our HIGH SCHOOL provides a dedicated, professional faculty who inspire new ways of learning through engaging and motivational lessons across all our curriculum that challenge and develop our learners knowledge and skills.
Through blending academic subjects with vocational training in a nurturing and engaging environment, learners will recognise the positive impact that eduction can have, not only on their school experience but  also on their mindfulness and wellbeing.




  • To provide an expansive and innovative curriculum which is engaging and creative both academically and vocationally.

  • To develop and support the talents and inspirations of those who wish to pursue a career in the Performing Art industry as well as encouraging the learner's academic development. 

  • To develop confidence, creativity and communication skills.

  • To provide a safe, encouraging environment to develop an atmosphere of respect and appreciation.

  • To fully realise learner's academic, vocational and personal achievements by focusing on their individual potential.

  • To provide high standard of academic education and qualifications necessary to progress onto a higher level of study.

  • To provide industry led vocational training necessary to progress into the Performing Arts industry.

  • To provide high quality teaching and learning in both academic and vocational subjects using highly experienced tutors and industry working professionals, in a disciplined but encouraging environment. 

  • To ensure learner's have a positive, nurturing and fulfilling experience of education.

  • To install the highest standards of positive behaviour and strive to continually improve and aim for excellence.

  • To value learner's as individuals and recognise and celebrate their potential and achievements.


To provide an outstanding learning environment with inspirational, positive and motivating tutors.

Through blending academic subjects with vocational training, we will inspire and fulfil the aspirations and ambitions of the next generation of young performers. Learner's will always feel supported and valued and be encouraged to develop their own self.

Through our nurturing and engaging environment, learner's will recognise the positive impact that education can have on their wellbeing and mindfulness.

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