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Key Stage 3
Year 7-9

Key Stage 3 (years 7-9), students will study a broad range of academic subjects including MATHS, ENGLISH LITERATURE, ENGLISH LANGUAGE, COMBINED SCIENCE, HISTORY, ART, MUSIC, GEOGRAPHY, PHSE & FRENCH which will provide them with a varied foundation in preparation for GCSE exams in Key Stage 4.

Students will have the opportunity in Year 9 to select their subject choice for study at GCSE level along side the core subjects.

*Academic subjects at Key Stage 3 are subject to change.


Students will study vocational subjects alongside their academic curriculum with the option of studying DANCE & DRAMA at GCSE level in Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4
Year 10-11

Key Stage 4 (years 10-11), students will study for their GCSE exams.

All students will sit MATHS, ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ENGLISH LITERATURE and SCIENCE alongside other chosen specialist subjects such as Drama, Dance, History etc.


Students will continue to study vocational subjects along side their academic curriculum.


Key Stage 4 students will be provided with support and guidance with their applications for college and level 5 studies.



With an Extended Level 3 BTEC available in Performing Arts with a Dance, Musical Theatre and Acting pathway, all High School Students have the option to study Performing Arts vocationally, full time on a choice of our 2 year courses which are all fully funded.


For more information on sixth form education options click here.

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