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Acting Course

  • All CLASSES: DSC Jumper or T-shirt with plain black joggers or leggings

Dance Course

  • BALLET: Girls-Plain black leotard with pink ballet tights and pink canvas ballet shoes

  • Boys- plain black unitard with white ballet tights and white canvas ballet shoes. 

  • JAZZ/LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY/ACRO: Plain black dance wear (leotard/crop-top/shorts/dance knickers) with black footless tights.

  • COMMERCIAL: any colour/own choice dance wear (crop-top, shorts, joggers, t-shirt) with clean trainers.

  • ACTING/SINGING/MT: DSC  Jumper or T-shirt with plain black leggings or joggers.


College Uniform

Uniform is a key part to a performers training. All DSC branded items are available to purchase from the studio and can be pre ordered prior to starting. All other items can be purchased online or at any dance store.

 A uniform list is available below however if you are unsure which items you will need for your training, please contact us.

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